Kitchen Trends

We often get asked what bench tops are trending at the moment? What are the most important things to consider when choosing a bench top? So here’s what we think:

What bench top finishes are trending at the moment?
We believe that Engineered Stone remains a very popular choice for bench tops. Stainless Steel and Timber are also suitable and are popular choices. We find that customers generally prefer Engineered Stone such as Vedastone as their bench top choice as Engineered Stone has various finishes at a very affordable prices for any home or project. We have also found that Matt finishes in Engineered Stone is in and achieves a more industrial look for Kitchens.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a benchtop?
Choosing the right material for your bench top especially for your Kitchen is very important, as it’s where it’s most predominately used. Engineered Stone is one of the top choices today. Unlike Granite and natural surfaces, Vedastone does not require sealing as the composites when manufactured provide maximum protection making it both stain, heat & scratch resistant. Affordability is another key feature in choosing a bench top and at Vedastone we have a number of ranges to suit everyone

Can we mix bench tops?
Yes, definitely. We have seen different combinations of stone with stainless steel & timber. Most common combination we see is our Vedastone bench top with stainless steel edging as it compliments the colours, tones and textures in the stone

What colours are fashion forward?
We have recently found that the natural look is the in trend. Customers seem to prefer their palette to consist of pure whites, grey’s and even lighter, natural look marble colours for a simplistic neutral look. Recently customers are moving towards the concrete look Matt Finish colours. At Vedastone, we have recently introduced two of our most popular grey colours in Matt Finish being Gobi Grey Matt and Harmonia Yosemite Matt.

What thicknesses are in?
It really depends on where the bench top will be situated. Most Kitchen benchtops currently are in either 20mm or 40mm, in some cases we have seen Kitchens made in 80mm or even 100mm. With Bathrooms on the other hand 20m or 30mm is most commonly used. We have found that customers tend to go more for the 40mm with waterfall edging in the Kitchen to ensure an elegant flow in the Kitchen design.

Why should i invest in a good bench top?
Most of us are looking for a bench top that is appealing to the eye and importantly is resilient and practical , given a Kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only do we want it to be long lasting but we want it to stand out, to be a feature point in the home or project. Investing in good quality bench top is also peace of mind that you have sourced a high quality product from a respectable stone manufacturer. With Vedastone, proud distributors of Technistone you will achieve that peace of mind! Technistone is recognized around the world as a quality European manufacturer supplying engineered stone to over 75 countries over 5 continents for over 25 years

How should I care for my bench top?
Vedastone is very easy to clean and look after. Simply wiping your surface with warm soapy water after use will remove everyday marks on bench top. On most occasions this is really all that is required for daily cleaning. Engineered stone products will not scratch or chip easily, however it is recommended that you do not cut or chop directly on your bench top or place hot pots or pans directly on the surface. We recommend always following the manufacturers’ guidelines for use and cleaning.

Are lighter engineered stone colours harder to care for?
Engineered stone such as Vedastone is extremely low maintenance and is easier to look after than softer materials like veneer and some natural product surfaces. This is the case for all engineered stone colours as the manufacturing process is the same for all colours. It is recommended that for spills of products like red wine, beetroot or strawberry juice, it’s best to wipe straight off with warm soapy water. If you leave a harsh substance to sit overnight you may require a specialized cleaning product to remove it, all manufacturers of engineered stone have these products available. As with any product you use for kitchens benchtops it is always recommended that you follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for use and cleaning

What should I look for in  Fabricator prior to installation?
We believe that it’s important to go with a recognised Tradie. Ensure your Fabricator or Cabinet Maker is a registered trade. Cabinet Makers may also be a member of a professional body like CMA (Cabinet Makers Association). Prior to engaging a tradie, enquire about how they protect the engineered stone product during transportation, storage and installation of the product. This is to ensure there is no damage prior to installation and during installation of the product. A good tradie will ensure that the product is quality assured throughout the fabrication and installation process. At

Vedastone are here to help so if you’re in need of a Fabricator or Cabinet Maker, give us a call and we will be more than happy to refer a couple to you, after all we do believe you deserve the best!

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NEW Vedastone Colours & Matt Finishes

Introducing our Exciting New Colours and Matt Finishes.

We’re excited to introduce our New Range of Colours & Matt Finishes to our ever so growing brand.

New Noble Range Colours


New Starlight Range Colours

New Essential Range Colours

New Essential Plus Range

Introducing our Matt Finish Colours

All colours are now in stock. If you would like to view a larger sample of any of these gorgeous new additions please visit our showroom, 35 Distinction Road, Wangara, our website or feel free to contact our office on +61 6305 0822.

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Kitchen Colour Selections

Choosing the right colour scheme is essential to living a long and happy life in your beautiful home.


Colour selections, can sometimes be overwhelming but majority of the time it’s exciting and well worth the end result.

That’s why we have come up with 5 Top Tips to assist you in your colour selections process for your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry:

  1. Choose a Theme: There are many styles to choose from including: Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, Traditional, Rustic, Shabby Chic, Coastal Hamptons and so the list goes on…
  2. Decide on your Feature: Whether it be  your Kitchen Benchtop, Cupboards, Splashback, Wall Colour etc
  3. Compliment your Feature with favourable colours: If you have selected a more prominent colour Benchtop, try using softer colours for your Cupboards, Splashback, Wall Colour so your feature doesn’t look mislaid;
  4. Design Balance: In this day and age we all drawn to colour but having too much colour can be chaotic, try to keep colours to a maximum of 3 or 4.
  5. Accessorize: Last but not least your accessories e.g. Sinks, Taps, Appliances can all make a huge difference to the look & feel of your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry design.


We often hear that it’s difficult choosing a Benchtop, Cupboards, Splashback etc and our best advice is to choose your theme & feature and then everything else will eventually fall into place.

Need assistance? Don’t be afraid to ask your, Fabricator, Cabinet Maker, Builder or us for our opinion, we’re here to help because ‘We believe that everyone deserves the best!

Still struggling to make a decision? Contact an Interior Designer they are truly wonderful at guiding you in the right decision.

On that note, there are many talented Interior Designers out there and we have been fortunate enough to work with Rebecca from BU Interior Designs on our very own  Vedastone Colour Palette Designs, check them out for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog, all the best with your colour selections and don’t forget were here to help, feel free to contact our office or visit our website:

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If you’re like most people, you would have always dreamed of a luxurious marble benchtop. However, marble benchtops are notoriously expensive, and can set you back a small fortune, just to achieve your dream kitchen. That’s where we come in, with our new Marble Look Noble Range of benchtops.

Vedastone Noble Supreme White

This new range is extremely affordable, all while giving your living space a luxurious and silky feel. Made from engineered quartz, the elegance of a marble look benchtop is within reach for everyone. At Vedastone we are committed to going the extra mile, and are here to help you achieve your dream home, on an affordable budget. The Marble Look Noble Range is a great alternative to marble benchtops as it is affordable and stylish at the same time. We are dedicated to giving you the best products available, and the Noble Range is just that.

The Noble Range colour palette consists of four exquisite colours, that are flexible for any purpose or space. Ranging from a crisp Supreme White to a warmer Botticino or Troya, our Noble range is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom benchtops, bathroom vanities, and so much more. The quality of this range is second to none, and will make your chosen space look and feel fantastic. Screenshot 2016-02-29 10.13.29.png

Want to know what’s even better? At Vedastone we maintain quality assurance of all of our products.  Our entire range is Acid Resistant, Nonporous, Scratch and Stain Resistant and also Heat Resistant. Which means it suits all types of lifestyles and purposes. Whether you have kids, making a mess and causing havoc, or you are a commercial company looking for a new product to use, Vedastone Noble Range is for you.

Screenshot 2016-02-29 10.13.48

Our previous clients love this product just as much as us too, their testimonials below prove that!Austrend2_Final

We’re loving our new kitchen and Vedastone marble look benchtop, full of style at an affordable price. “

“Vedastone is a great new quality product, that is easy to work with and the colour range really suits today’s market. “


If you want to find out more about any of our Vedastone ranges, just contact us on (08) 6305 0822.

To request a sample, click here, or visit us at our showroom at 35 Distinction Road Wangara.

We’re here to help!

Here at Vedastone we are focused on you, the customer and your needs and wants. We aim to deliver the best customer service, while also delivering the highest quality product, at an affordable price. Being family owned and managed, we believe everyone deserves the best, and we are here to give you it!


So what are we all about? Vedastone supplies stone products such as benchtops, vanities, splashbacks for both domestic and commercial applications. Whether you are in the process of renovating, building a home, or looking for commercial we have an outstanding range that sets us apart. We actively seek out the best quality stone products, and as a result we are pleased to offer the Technistone range of engineered quartz and marble look quartz into Australia.

Technistone has developed a sophisticated system of objective measuring colour shades. This means that you can be assured of a consistent supply quality from one batch to another.


Marble benchtops are notoriously expensive for most people, however we provide benchtops and products that have the elegance and appeal of a marble benchtops, but at a fraction of the cost. To view our marble range click here.

We have three quartz ranges; the essential, the starlight, and harmonia range which have been chosen for their design versatility, subtle patterns and colours. This paired with the 22 colour range, and a solid finish, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want. To view the quartz range, click here.


No matter what you are looking for, our Vedastone products are made to suit your requirements. It’s as simple as picking your edging, thickness and surface finishing, before having it fabricated. To view our full range of technical specifications, click here.

If you’re interested in our products and want to get a feel for them, we have two display centres you can visit. Click here to see their locations.

Otherwise, if you want to get hands on, we offer a sampling service, where you can either pick up a sample from our showroom, or order one via the form online.

We’re here for you, any questions or queries you have don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 6305 0822.



Renovating Later in Life

As we get older, particularly in retirement and possibly as ‘empty nesters’, we’re bound to start thinking about our current accommodation and how well it meets our current and future needs. Downsizing to a smaller home more suited to your needs may be one solution, but if you like living in a particular neighbourhood, and are strongly attached to your current home, renovating may be a good option.


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Creative changes to your existing property, without extending it, could increase your quality of life for many years to come. For example, creating an en-suite, updating a kitchen or turning an unused bedroom into a well-equipped hobby studio might be possible.

In particular consider changes that will enhance your comfort and safety, as you get older. Whilst we don’t like to think too much about getting older, if you plan your renovation carefully you may make it possible to stay in your home much longer.

Renovating can be expensive, so make sure your renovation adds value. Popular renovations that almost always add value include kitchen and bathroom makeovers. However, opting for wall-to-wall marble and gold plated taps is a sure way to overcapitalise, so aim for clean lines and understated fittings rather than over the top extras.

This is where Vedastone can help you achieve your dream kitchen  or bathroom renovation, without the hefty price tag. For years the standard laminate look has been ‘as good as it gets‘ if you’re on a budget.  Well, that’s all change with the Vedastone Essential Range!   Engineered stone benchtops offer a great deal of freedom in terms of their looks, and can be made to look and feel very much like more expensive natural stone alternatives.  They’re considerably less porous than granite, marble and many other kinds of natural stone, and as a result they require less maintenance and are very hygienic.  You can view the full collection here.


When it comes to refinancing, recent statistics from Mortgage Choice in November 2014 showed construction loans accounted for almost 7 per cent of all loans written. Construction loans have, on average, consistently accounted for anywhere between 5 and ten per cent of Mortgage Choice’s business.

Generally it’s not just the major banks willing to lend to renovation projects. Most lenders can now offer construction loans too. A borrower’s eligibility for a construction loan is evaluated in much the same way as it is for a standard home loan. In order to obtain finance, you will need to show proof of income as well as evidence of genuine savings.

In addition, if you are planning to completely rebuild, you may need to provide your chosen lender with a copy of your property plans who will hand them over to a valuer who can then establish how much the completed property would be worth, thus determining how much you may be able to borrow.

Rather than be restricted in your access to funding, renovators and builders are spoilt for choice with various options available. Be sure to fully cost all of the available options to determine which loan is best for you.


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A recent Perth Now article showed that PERTH homebuyers love their “renos”. WA home renovations have increased 147 per cent since 2010 and renovation spend is at its highest level since early 2012, a new report has found. Against the backdrop of rising house prices the total value of renovations in WA for the past 12 months ending in August was $579 million, according to the new data released by Westpac. The average renovation spend in WA was $33,365.

The Mount Lawley-Inglewood area was revealed to be WA’s most renovated location, followed by the Wembley-West Leederville-Glendalough and the South Perth-Kensington areas.

Westpac general manager of retail banking Gai McGrath said the increase of renovations had been boosted by rising house prices as homeowners have opted to renovate rather than move.

“In Mount Lawley, for example, house prices have risen by 23 per cent over the past five years. Existing homeowners who may once have looked to upgrade into a new home are choosing instead to renovate, adding desired rooms, features and cosmetic changes,” Ms McGrath said.

“This can be a smart investment strategy as you are avoiding the costs associated with upgrading to a new home, like moving services and stamp duty.”




You’ve probably noticed that when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms there’s a huge difference in the quality of the products used on the bench surfaces.

For years the standard laminate look has been ‘as good as it gets‘ if you’re on a budget.  Well, that’s all changed….with the Vedastone Essential Range!   Engineered stone benchtops offer a great deal of freedom in terms of their looks, and can be made to look and feel very much like more expensive natural stone alternatives.  They’re considerably less porous than granite, marble and many other kinds of natural stone, and as a result they require less maintenance and are very hygienic.

Crystal Quartz White Kitchen1

The Vedastone Essential Range is proving to be very popular with customers.  This range offers a great choice of neutral colours suitable for all applications.  The top sellers being Gobi Grey, Classic Ice and Crystal Quartz White.  The Essential Range is perfect for anyone looking for a neutral colour, with a touch of class.

For many, the idea of high quality stone benchtops may have seemed out of reach, but we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality product and service at great value.  The surfaces are solid, not just a veneer, and provides a scratch resistant, heat resistant and stain resistant benchtop, which requires low maintenance.   It also comes with a 10 year warranty.


  • Polished, does not require sealing;
  • Versatile in terms of design;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Non-porous.

Gobi Grey Kitchen1

We believe that everyone deserves the best and we always make the extra effort to bring a great product with a great experience to our customers.  We like to be partners in the building process, not just suppliers.















For more information feel free to drop into our showroom at 35 Distinction Road, Wangara or call us on (08) 6305 0822.


You can also view our full range at or visit our display stand at HOMEBASE SUBIACO55 Salvado Rd, Subiaco WA 6008.